Care groups

Christian Union has got different Care Groups by the names of Matthew, Andrew, Philip, Bartholomew and Thomas at the main campus while there is Luke, John and Mark in Ruharo Campus. All these care groups have their respective leaders entitled Papa, Mama, General Secretary, Prayer Secretary and Treasurer. The main aim of Care Groups is to care for the members in the Care Group meetings.

Bible Study Care groups

These Care groups are five in number and each Care Group have five leaders who spearhead the process of meeting as care group members.


  • To care for group members.
  • To equip Christians with the word of God.
  • To share testimonies with fellow Christians
  • To learn Christianity morals.
  • To learn how to read the Bible.
For one to become a member of C.U he/she should be;A student of BSU who is a Christian.Registered in the C.U register of members.Welcomed as a new member when he/she finishes his/her course of study and come back for other courses.A former CU member after his/her full membership has expired and who subscribes to the aims and objectives of the union shall be addressed as an associate member and shall then be required to subscribe 5000shs per semester.Willing to pay the membership of 2000shs which is paid once as one joins the union and pay 2000shs as subscription every semester. BUT this money is liable to change depending on the CU leaders.
Mark Time The care group meetings start at 5:00pm and end at 6:30pm every tuesday and every member is welcomed