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Christian Union is an interdenominational association for Christians. In Christian Union, we receive every person despite the religion.

HEADQUARTERS: The headquarters of Bishop Stuart University Christian Union shall be at Bishop Stuart University main campus -Kakoba, Mbarara and shall remain the center of all services.

PURPOSE: The purpose of Christian Union shall be: To seek, promote and protect the interests and rights of Christians within the university and outside in line with Christian values.

THE MOTTO: The motto of the union shall be Light of the World [Matthew 5:14].

AIMS:The major aim of the union is to bring
all Christians together under one umbrella to glorify the name of God.


  1. To preach the word of God in and outside the university.
  2. To promote Christian values of the students through Bible studies and fellowships.
  3. To promote students’ morals within and outside the university.
  4. To provide counseling and spiritual guidance to the students at all levels of education.
  5. To strengthen students’ faith in God through fellowships.
  6. To revive students’ talents like in Music, Dance and Drama, preaching among others.

MEMBERSHIP: For one to become a member of C.U he/she should be:

  1. A registered student of BSU and a Christian.
  2. Registered in the C.U register of members and shall be given the membership Card.
  3. Every new member shall be given a Care Group by name of either Matthew, Andrew, Thomas, Philip or Bartholomew.
  4. A former CU member after his/her full membership has expired and who subscribes to the aims and objectives of the Union shall be addressed as an associate member and shall then be required to subscribe 5000shs per semester but it is liable to change.
  5. Willing to pay the membership of 2000shs which is paid once as one joins the union and pay 2000shs as subscription every semester but it is liable to change.
  6. Membership fee from other BSU-Campuses shall be taken to the treasurer of Christian Union from the Main Campus.
  7. All finalists who are active in CU shall be given certificates to show that they have been active members in the Union.